Just bought the domain name.

Decided to go for a .com, as although for the moment, I’m only really interested in the UK street food scene, you never know if this site can take off. Therefore a .com domain should cover all the bases.

It’s currently sitting on a Linux box, but will be moved shortly to a Windows server where I can run a .Net application.

Now, I need to decide a rough plan of what I want the website to have on it.


Hi there!

My name is Paul Higham. I am currently a software developer working for a large UK Travel Company. My aim with this blog is to document and record my success (if any) on setting up and building a website from scratch.

I am passionate about food, particularly street food, and I have decided to build a street food review website. Everything I do, I will document here and see where I end up and if anyone will bother to visit the site.

The other thing I will write about is that I intend to setup a street food stall. I used to be a chef and still really interested in catering, so this will be an experiment to see if its actually worth it.