Forum Hell

When I first decided to build the website I had an idea that it should have a forum. A forum is a place for users to chat to each other and get help and also give advice. A forum, although a simple idea, is a complex set of code that sites on the website. Rather than rewriting one from scratch, it made sense to use an already existing forum that are freely available on the web. As I am writing a site using c# I tried to find one also written in c# with the source available so that I could integrate it with my site seamlessly. The first one I tried was YetAnotherForum. Works great on my local PC and does everything that I need. Unfortunately publishing it to my webhost was a none starter as I needed permissions on the SQL server that I just couldn’t get off my hosting company. So my next find was a forum written using MVC called funnily enough, MVCForum. This looked good even though I don’t usually use MVC and stick to web forms. I am now in the middle of what is to me, a crash course in MVC, and tailoring the site to match what I need. This could take a while!

BTW. MVCForum is extremely well written and for anyone wanting a ready made forum for an site then I would check it out! –