International Pubs now on Pub Reviews

Bars and pubs in many new countries have now been added to the Pub Reviews Website. Progress is slow at the moment, but some of the main cities have now been added. If you want to advertise your pub or bar completely free, then please add it to the Pub Reviews Website.

Pubs in Australia Pubs in France Pubs in Germany Pubs in Ireland
Pubs in Italy Pubs in Japan Pubs in Norway Pubs in Poland
Pubs in The United Kingdom Pubs in The United States Pubs in Canada Pubs in The Netherlands
Pubs in Spain

Bar and Pub Reviews Website

As I am more than interested in Pubs and Beer, I have now decided to start a pub website. Please visit it and give it some love. If you own a pub please add to your listing. If its not on, please feel free to add it. If you just visit pubs (as I do) then please leave a review. That would be great! :)

If you do own a pub, are a landlord, a brewery or just a pub regular, you can claim a listing as your own and then can amend it to whatever you like. If you don’t have your own website, then think of it as your own mini website which you may advertise your pub or brewery on.

We also list many drinks and beers, and you may also claim these.

So why not adopt a pub, a drink or a brewery.